how to make beautiful etincelles?



It has been a long long time since my last visit on Cgtalk. And it’s always so good. lol.

So, dynamics is not my speciality and I must make a sfx shoot for a short movie.

Well, is anybody there who can help me and teach me how to make etincelles?
Like in a ‘micro-onde’ (in french, i’m not sure of the translation in english),when we put some metal in.

I did’nt find tutorials on the web.

Thanx for your help… and sorry for my english ;).

see u.


I’m not sure what an etincelle is. Google returns several completely different results, including jewelry, clothing, handbags, horses, and fireworks.

Could you specify what an etincelle is? Maybe attach a picture?


Etincelle: sparks
Micro-ondes: Microwave.

(As for how to make them, I’d have suggested Combustion and friends.)


you can have some nice sparks playing with the hardware particles, multi.point and line…motion blur it with the hardware render.

add some glow in post and you’re setup…




Thanx for your answers.

I will try with it but if you have a tuto, don’t hesitate to call me. :wink:

See U.



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