How to make active subtool transparent


Hey guys,

Do you know how to make the active subtool transparent?

The transparency and ghost button themselves allow EVERything
BUT the active subtool to be transparent.

So say I was working on making a tunnel in the mouth and would like to shape it and texture it
or I would like to work off a reference image but the active subtool is blocking the image.

Any ideas on how to get this to work right?


Take a look at this video:


Okay thsi works great for when there is a reference image in the background!

What if I was looking to simply see through the mesh like say I wanted to see the tunnel of the mouth
and it is covered by the muzzle right now.


I don’t know of a way to make the current subtool transparent, but I don’t see how that would be helpful anyway. If the subtool is transparent, how will you be able to see what you’re doing? What I would do is make the inside of the mouth its own Polygroup. Then you will be able to isolate it to work on it.


Yeah I see what you mean,
sorry what i really meant wasnt semi transparent so I could still see the outer surface whilst also being able to see the inside.

Basically an x ray view


Maybe this video will be helpful:


Although this is rather late, but I saw the thread was left unresolved. So:-
Why not use the Transparent & Ghost buttons?
They’re to the bottom right of the view-window, below the PolyF button.
This gives you an x-ray kind of view; it’s what many use to help position eyes…
Good luck.


some UI you cant see the buttons on the bottom right.
go to the TRANSFORM menu on the very top and a tad to the right.
you should see>transp and Ghost