how to make a white fur


I’ve been looking this forever but i didn’t find it yet.
google ,yahoo ,bing ,cgsociety and yes i found tutorial of fur in photoshop but different colors and still cartoonist. in this tutorial i found my own question, 8months ago that how to make white fur?
i thought its a good time to make a thread in cgsociety. after all ita a biggest cg site and there is a threat still running about fur
“What’s the best way to make thick, packed fur?”
and he want fur like kung fu panda and its exactly what i want but the title is not clear for others. if someone want to search it it would be difficult to find so that’s why i created new thread (sorry if its wrong)
so back to the point
white fur like in kung fu panda or happy feet.

PS: i am using maya


so i want his fur looks like kung fu panda po.

image with fur


its like i am running my own thread but lets see how far i can go.
BTW it still looks ugly


What did you use for the above attempt? Maya fur?


its shave and haircut and for the body i used maya fur.
next i am gonna use puppet shader for both and see if that’s work.


i am still rendering fur nothing else. (where is my shrink)

lights problem and many more


I would suggest that, before going any further, you change your lighting to one single light casting shadows. The look of the fur will drastically change with shadows on it and definitely look better.


thanks for the lighting tips but right now i didn’t use any light and just for the simple i used maya render and shave & haircut.


fur comb problem.
when i style , comb and set the hair it looks bad. still not like a po (kung fu panda).
any advice or i am just gonna run my own thread ( its not a threat)


i use puppet shader and follow this tutorial
but after the spot light etc it gets little rough

this one is maya rendering

this one is mental ray and the p_hairTK

and this one is after lighting and p_hairtk shader and p_spotTk

is something wrong i did?


so i did some work on fur and it looks fine for me but when i put some spot light on it it gets bad.
here is without spot light

and this one is with 3 spot light

spot light setting is just a

  1. depth map shadow
  2. in mental ray shadow section "use mental ray shadow map overrides
  3. shave shadows “resolution 1500 and fuzz 30”


after i sample up to 4 and softness to 0.1 it look like this

looks like dark shades are gone but it still not looks so good and the render time is high.
7min to 31min.
any advice


still having problem. any help will be appreciated.


I see you are struggling with fur. Maybe this maya scene will help you. check it out.


result is so good and this is what i want but the problem is i can’t access to the link it says

“You need permission to access this item.”

can you plz give me the another link or just copy the tutorial and paste it here.


Sorry my bad I made the file private. Try now I think you can download it.
There is no tutorial, I just made it quickly as you can see in the maya file.


thanks lazzhar for the quick reply.
looks like today is my lucky day. i am gonna check the setting and try it on my own project.
right now it looks like this.


tweak tweak and tweaking


Is there a chance I can have a look at your file?
I am on maya 2010 so save the file as ma please.


it will be gr8. right now i am using maya 2011 and thanks for pointing me save as a ma file.
looking forward to your reply.
it takes 5min to render. i used two hair system one for the body and one for the face.
i gonna email you this file right now
thanks for your reply and i really appreciated.