how to make a toolbar automated loaded


Hi all:

I just learned how to create a toolbar item using macroscript. But I find there is a problem that I do not know how to load some macroscript items at a same time in a same toolbar window. And I do not know how to add seperators to group them. I search Max script document. But I do not find out helpful examples.

Please help! thanks!


I’ve searched high and low for this myself in the past… so hopefully we’re both missing a blatantly obvious page in the help file …but the result of my searching was that you can’t, actually, create/display/manage your own toolbar -or- by way of script add a button (for example: for your macroscript) to existing toolbars.

You can certainly create a dockable dialog… and force that to dock top/bottom… though you don’t get to control -where- top/bottom… and it’s still not a toolbar.

You might be able to do something by hacking about with a .cui file… but that can seriously mess max up.


Yes. Cui could be a solution. But I hate to edit cui. And using my cui to replace another user’s cui is not a good solution.


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