How to make a gui controler for rigs?


hi iam wonder to know how can i make a controler inside a windows

that i can easily move it or minimize it . some thing like this :slight_smile:

making scroll for hands - eyse - wings and any other parts …

is there any complete courses about it for a zbsoultly begginer in programing ?


I didn’t watch the video, but you have several scripts to choose from to create simliar things. I will link them below in no particular order. I have used the abxpicker and animschool picker personally and have nothing bad to say about either.

i’m sure there are more out there. Just wanted to give you some initial options.


what about making a personal one ?

for example i have aspecial charachter like batman who has wings and some other options


They’re are customizable, I dont think you need to reinvent the wheel personally. But if you want to spend the time learning to program and write code, I would say go for it.


no - so if it do it also iam ok with it :slight_smile: