HOW TO Linking in thumbnails? (to full res image)


Sorry if this has been asked, but i’ve seen it done quite often and couldn’t figure out how.
I’ve searched and tried the FAQs, no word on it anywhere…

How do i link up my full-res image using the thumbnail attachement?
What is the max allowed size for thumbnails? Same as avatars (100x100 px)?



If you’re trying to do this …

Code like this …


(minus the asterisks of course)
Your thumbnail can be anysize you’d like as long as it’s hosted on your site.

If you’re trying to do like below … you’d use the Attach Files option at the bottom of a new post window under Additional Options. Of course the new hosted galleries will do the thumbnails for you automatically.


Yup i was trying the second one. Which option under advanced options?
I only get the following:

autoparse links
disable smilies

Attached files:
->browse, u/l, remove, close.

Would be handy to do that to keep my WiP thread clean and link to the external pitures. Or am i missing something plain and obvious here?


Below the “Submit Reply” and “Preview Post” buttons you should see something like this …


DONG! coin falls

Well, if someone had written “attach full size image AS thumbnail” instead of “attach thumnail”, maybe even i had got it and not manually made thumnails myself… D’oh!
Thanks anyway! :thumbsup:


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