How to limit my bump area with viewing angle? Redshift - Please help!


Hello all,

I’m using Reshift and I’d like to limit the bump area with a viewing angle, and my initial thought would be to use a fresnel node, but it looks like it’s not seeing the geometry angle as I intended.

Is there some way to limit the bump using the geometry shape?

Imagine a simple sphere. The middle of the sphere has a 100% bump, but the outer border has 0%, or perhaps whatever percentages I decide via black and white values.

Is there a way? Please help!!

Thanks for the time!!


I don’t have RS … but I’d use an alpha to mask the sphere …



You may have to play with the fresnel controls to get an obvious result. I can recommend pushing the sliders past “realistic” values, or feeding the fresnel into a ramp node first and playing with the values there.


@vid2k2 - Thanks for the tip, but I’m not sure how to perform this task at all.

Still very new to c4d.


The way I’ve got this to work is blending between two materials using a fresnel as the blend colour.

Ignore the bump blenders btw.