How to know the number of faces on a model ?


my question might sound stupid, but I’m trying to model a low-poly character for the first time, and I’ve been told that I could go up to 4k polys/faces for the game. I’m using 3D Studio Max, and my problem is that when my model is in edit mesh, it is 3138 in the poly counter, and when I convert it to edit poly, it is 1606.

I would like to know which is the right value for a game model, or if there’s a third one hidden somewhere ?

Thanks a lot.


You should always use the triangle count given to you by edit mesh. edit poly counts quads and n-gons as single faces, even though they’re more than one triangle.

The easiest way to get a count, particularily if you’ve got multiple meshes in a file, is to select everything and add an edit mesh modifer, then go to file-view statistics, where it will tell you the vert count and triangle count in the entire scene. The only time this is inaccurate is when you’ve got bones in the scene, because it counts their dummy model’s verts/tris as well.


Thanks a lot for your answer :slight_smile:


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