How to kill selected particle which has been generated via Thinking Particles Emitter?


Hello, i am looking for sollution to delete selected particle which has been emitted by Emitter of Thinking Particles. Is there some option to do that please? Help


There is the PDie node. Feed the particle group in and use the bool input to enable it on the particles you want to get rid of.


Thank you for your reply Srek, i have already read this options on the interent but i do not get it yet, but i figured it out in other way, i reduced the particle visibility in the options of the TP… but i would like to know your option. Could you explain more detailet each step? :slight_smile:


Check this example
TP Die.c4d (182.6 KB)


Thank you very much for the file you have sent me over but after i checked it up i found out that it is completely made within xpresso, my setup seems little bit different, i have just the TP Emitter easy setup, is it possible to make the same effect with it? without Emitter to be inside of xpresso?


Please find attached a modified TP Group Change preset that lets particles die instead of changing the group. It seems there is a bit of a Python problem so the distance option is not working currently.
TP Die.c4d (114.3 KB)
If you want to make better use of TP you should dive into Xpresso, the Presets are only of limited use and are slower than a dedicated setup.