How to kill / destruct dynamics object when it passes some area?


Hello, you can see the example it in the image bellow…

I need to kill somehow dynamics objects emitted by emitter in c4d…

i know i can use the descructor force to kill particles but it seems it does not work when i use dynamics on it… :frowning: particle just go through the area when they should by killed. Any ideas?


Have you tried reading the manual…ever?


yes i have but i only know that some Emitter Force objects work for dynamics too… i figured it out yet just by simply reduce the lifetime of particles… :wink:


watch and learn


Thank you for your post but my problem was different, i had dynamic tags with the combination of emitter so you know… i know these techniques but could not use them in my previous case because they did not work for me


Dynamics with particle emitter may not work properly.


Yeh that is true, i figured it out by using the particle life parametr :wink: