How to keep more or less identical UV after modifying the mesh?


Hi, new VFX artist here, facing a bit of a problem at work, anyway, I am in a situation where I am building an asset, a room to be precise that need to be split in half-ish later on in the project for destruction effect, I think I need to prepare a whole room which I am working on it now and split it in half later on, the gap, I was advised by my supervisor to use zbrush to do, is exposed concrete stuffs… so I need so advise here on how to process this project, cause I think I need to have a two versions of the same room, one is just as is and the other one, destroyed version, but the texture and the UV layout has to somewhat match right? how to do this, I have no idea as as far as I know, changing the mesh on the heavy side, throwing it into zbrush for retouch gonna wack the whole UV, so if I was to build the whole room, UV it, and then texture it in substance painter for example, that would not work as I would have to UV and texture again the destroy version… someone please help…