How to invert selection of grouped object bellow one Group Null?


Hello i have started with Voronoi Fracture and i am facing a lot of “Unknowns” So do not blame me for few post here at the Forum.

I want to do simple inversion of selected object in some fracture hierarchy under one Group Null, is that option?


What do you mean by “inversion of selected object”? Invert the selection, so instead of the object all its siblings are inverted? Or use the gaps as model instead of the objects? Or…?


Let’s say i have bunch of objects under one Null and i have only 5 objects selected of them… So now i want to do selection of rest of them, how to do it easyly?


I have a number of selection scripts for siblings (that’s what you want?), cousins, children, top, or parent objects here:

(It’s on my Patreon but the post is public; scroll down to the attachments to download scripts.)

If you really want to invert the selection on the current level, here’s a script that does this: (450 Bytes)

Note that one element must be selected so the script knows where the to-be-inverted level is.

Further note: The latter script has built-in undo capability; the scripts on the Patreon have not, as the Python:Spoonfed course has not covered that topic yet. An undoable version will be posted in the future.


You can make use of the Set as Root option. Ctrl+Alt+LMB on the Null, and it will become the root object. All its children will show up on the main level of the Object Manager.

You can then hold Ctrl and drag around all of them to invert the selection.

Use the Path Bar to return back to the original scene root.

Here’s a GIF:


You do not really need to set the root; it is sufficient to start the ctrl-drag outside of the object name (behind the name). Then, C4D will not start the “drag object” mechanism but displays the selection frame (marquee).

Sadly, the ctrl-drag marquee seems to be buggy, it doesn’t invert my selection but leaves some elements unchanged (R21.115).


You do not really need to set the root

No you don’t. It reduces the chances of error and requires less precision to stay within the hierarchy you want, so it’s a preferable workflow for me.


I do prefer my scripts (if I even need an inversion of selection) - since they don’t require pulling up a marquee, they even work for hierarchies where subelements are already opened. But it’s always good to know new techniques.


Thank you eikonoklastes
thank you for your video explanation! It could work for me! It seems like a pretty easy workaround


Does it make sens to put group of object under one Null to be selected and then this selection to be inverted? I thought so…


Thank you Cairyn, i will check your patreon page for that script later on


Thank you eikonoklastes for your option it fits my needs nicely, the Set as Root and then make selection and then invert it by CTRL + drag was for me hidden chamber to those days, i will keep it in my mind!

BUT!!! it works wrong in some way… look at picture i attached before and after…
because the first cube “Cube” werent in first act added to the selection shouldn’t be inverted then, it seems like the invertion ctrl+drag aded the first Cube to the selection so because you ended click at the area of the Cube…

It is good to report as bug

I am always glad to work within simplest way as possible i have so without any script if possible, but thank you Cairyn.

Have nice day both of you!


Sadly, the ctrl-drag marquee seems to be buggy, it doesn’t invert my selection but leaves some elements unchanged (R21.115).

yeah, it seems to be wrong in some way, because when i do selection within ctrl + drag it + invert selection within the same technique it beheaves weirdly, it leaves first object untouched… at least it seems like…

nevermind, eikonoklastes tip works!


In my tests, it was not even always the first element. I selected and deselected by the ctrl-drag marquee many times, and there was a certain randomness in the behavior. Elements stayed selected that should be deselected, and vice versa (not just the first).

I now wonder whether you can confirm that, or whether it’s always the first element with your system.

Keep us updated if you report this as a bug.


No it is not always first object which is suddenly added to the selections by ctrl+dragging but it depends where you unclick your mouse when you are creating marque selection, check it up, it does it!