How to install plugin OpenVDB for maya?


Hi everybody!
I’m Hiep, from Viet Nam.
I have a problem with: " How to install OpenVDB for maya".
i’m looking foward to hearing from you!
Tks bro!


i would ask in the officla forum.


tks bro!


Soup-Dev is truly awesome but again they followed the rental plan which I won’t buy out of principal.


There’s a free option for OpenVDB here -


what will you do when all the actors of 3d softs will have the same rental thing? will you stop working :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Maybe. I’ve been at this since mid 90’s. I have perpetual software up the gazoo so I can play with that in retirement at some point I hope, won’t be the latest and greatest but the software we all use is so powerful I would take several lifetimes to get bored with it or not be able to make anything you can imagine.