How to improve your Jewelry Visualization


Creativity: This is the key to make your Jewellery visualization best. You should be creative and your mind should be always active to find creativity around you. you can find it while walking on the streets or while having a coffee in a coffee shop or sitting in a garden. your eyes should capture the creativity and ability to apply in your work. Having technical knowledge is not enough to create something different. You must like what you do then it happens.

  • Modeling: Mesh flow is one of the keys to make your model better. The proper model gives you a better output. Concentrating on curves and finishing will help you to achieve the best output. Proper cuts of a diamond helps to achieve better visualization. You should add as many details in the basic models itself.

  • Texturing: While creating textures, you should study real light effects on textures and apply accordingly. You should use such textures which will help in your post-process to enhance the quality of your output.

  • Shedders & Materials: You need to understand the physically-based materials. You should apply as much as real shedders. This will help you to give you a better output. For this, you need to have a good study of real lighting.

  • Lighting: You definitely need to take care of your reflections, materials, and lighting. You must have a knowledge of professional photography principle-based lighting.

  • Rendering: Working with render passes will help you to work on minor details. this process helps you to get maximum controls on making your final product better. below are some passes, you should work for better output.

              a. Beauty pass
              b. Shadow pass
              c. Ambient occlusion pass
              d. Reflections
              e. Refractions
              f. Fog (Optional with every composition)
              g. Glints
              h. Particles (If any)
              i. Light leaks
  • Composition: For better output, you must have a good knowledge of composition. This is a very common mistake people make, and end up doing mess in the final output. You should use multiple post-process software to achieve the final output. Whether it’s a video or an image, the composition is one of the important parts of the process. You must differentiate your scene with three basic elements, i.e. foreground, middle ground & background. This will help you to create depth in your final output and makes it better to view.

*Color correction: This is one of the very important parts of the visualization process. You must have good knowledge of color correction in post-production.