How to import a Maya camera!


Edit: I think I found some solutions. Thank you for your help!


Just bringing this very useful thread into the tips section.


I just noticed that the Shake multiplane node can import cameras in the maya ascii format. Is there a way to get this out of C4D?

Otherwise, I guess I’m looking at matchmoving my renders (howzat for backwards?)

Thanks for any suggestions,



i’ve been doing some more investigations into this as i recently came across a maya scene file that i was not able to correctly translate into cinema (the markers slid against the live action background in cinema when they were rock solid in maya). the scene originally came from boujou bullet and the matchmove scene was saved into maya.

the only difference that i have been able to locate between this file and others that have correctly translated to cinema is in the rotation order used by the scene. zxy WORKS, xyz DOES NOT WORK!

it seems likely that unless your maya scene uses a zxy rotation order then my method that i’ve outlined here will not work for you!

i’m looking into this and will report if anything else turns up.

cheers, simon w.


That is frustrating… I guess a .ma import plugin would be the best solution… or even better some kind of interchange functionality ala what is going on with XSI these days. Wasn’t somebody here (TCA Studios?) working on a .ma camera import?


it is looking hopeful that a third party is going to come up with a solution to this so fingers crossed!

cheers, simon w.


Indeed :slight_smile:
I am just working on an import/export plugin for the .ma format.
A first version can be released soon as long as no bugs show up.
I someone wants to do some betatesting for me, please drop me a line (C4D v10 needed).


Wow! That’s great news!
Somebody jump on board and test! I would, but I don’t have R10 yet.
Keep us posted!



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