How to get Vray ExtraTex to be visible through refractions and in reflections?


Hey everyone, I have the latest Vray version and a complex car model to render. It’s set up with an ExtraTex to use as a hue saturation mask later in compositing, so I can add decals and change its colour easily.

The problem is when rendering it from behind, the ExtraTex gets blocked by the window and doesn’t add the texture to the body of the car if the window occludes it. I have already set the refractions in the window material to affect all channels.

Another problem is that the ExtraTex doesn’t show up in the reflections of the side view mirror. Basically the same problem as above.

I did some experimentation and found out that self-illuminated objects or light material objects are seen in refraction and reflections but since I have multiple decals, they all show up in one render pass and I can’t separate each one of them out. It even makes the original lighting look bad until I bring it to post.

Anyways, all I’m looking for is a way to add an extra texture so that it can be seen through refractions and be seen in reflections.