How to get rid of unused points on n-gons edges


I’m working a lot with n-gons for a recent project, while they are pretty powerful combined with procedural bevel tool I still waste quite a bit of time removing unused points on the edges.
I’m sure there’s an easy solution, is there a command or a script for removing the unused points(selected in the picture) automatically without having to select/delete them individually?
I know I can use mesh check to select them but I want a single click solution if possible.



You can do this via the Mesh Checking utility in Modeling Settings (Shift+M)
In there something called “Edge Points”, hit the Select button next to that and it will automatically select the edge points which you can then delete.



Great tip! Thanks


Thanks brasco but I already know this tool as said in the opening post, I was looking for a one click solution in order to avoid to activate mesh check, select the points and delete them every time. Is not that long or difficult but since I’ve to do this a lot for my project if there’s a script or something to do this automatically it may save a lot of time.


Apologies, I missed that. I checked to see if it could be driven with a script but Modeling Settings seems to be a little more obscured than other items in Cinema (i.e. we can’t easily access it to run it)


I would pay coin for a script that does this. If for some reason this script is not possible, due to how SDK works, then Maxon needs to step up.


you saved me 1000 clicks!