How to get past 4 GB limit in blender game and movie Versions


I am make games and movies and I heard a lot of talk about there being a 4 gb filesize limit in blender. Is there any way around this?


I doubt that it will ever bother you. A 4GB limit for games is a good thing anyway, as it forces you to think carefully about memory conservation and that will keep your game more responsive.

As for a 4GB movie limit that should not be a problem either, as if you are making anything that runs into that limit overall it really ought to be made in separate shots and then edited together in an editing package.


Thanks for the info. I was looking for a yes or a no, if yes, how can I make it happen? I doubt the movies go past 4gb, But I really do want a larger filesize limit for the games. Is there a way around it?