How to get object name in XSI use python?


Hi guys:
How to get object name in XSI use python?

I try to use the line,but it’s wrong.


#select an object
 Application.LogMessage( Application.Selection(0).Name )
 Application.LogMessage( Application.Selection(0).FullName )


there is a programming xsi subforum for scripting questions.
Moving your thread there, next time please post in the right location.


Hi,thanks for your advice.
I thought,If i want to get the result when i run the script,first i need to select a Obj, then it can return the Obj name,but if i don’t select a Obj first , it will return null.

In my scene,there is just one Obj, I don’t know how to get its name,but not to select it first.


you want to get the name of something without any information about it?

sorry no can do


You could search for the object type.

I believe search the ActiveScene for it’s children, then find all the object of, say, type polymsh.

Try selecting the item, then running

oType = Application.Selection(0)

From there, you’ll get the type to search for. Like, search for all items that match type string “polymsh”. Sorry, if I’m not more specific. I’m just thinking it through at the moment.


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