How to get high quality in V-ray videos while keeping the rendering farm bill low?


Background information:

What you see below is the only photograph, taken by the FBI in 1963, where my current model (done in SolidWorks and 3ds Max), a fire extinguisher appears.

There are multiple vintage fire extinguishers for sale on eBay, plenty of photos with measurements, but I didn’t know the brand. After holding a photo clarification contest at the Freelancer site, I was able to determine the manufacturer: the device was made by “General Fire Extinguisher Corp”.

Next challenge: it turns out that the company made 3 kinds of devices, based on different chemicals.

I am trying to produce a 360-degree panoramica of the scene below. In addition to attempting to attract interested people, I would ask viewers: “Do you know which of these devices was most likely to be deployed in a room where they had an electrical kitchen in Dallas, 1963?” (Already asked the Dallas Fire Department, no answer so far).

Problem: That frame took 2 hours to render in my PC. : -(


-Ramon F. Herrera
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