How to get from PC to TV to tape demos reels


Hi everyone… hopefully someone can help me. I have my new Demo all ready to go and all the images are rendered out in TGA’s or uncompressed qt’s in ntsc.

The situation im having is I cant figure out what program to use to get the Demo from my PC to the TV full screen. I can get it on the TV with s-video but I always have the skin of the QT’s.

While I was back in school the program we used was easy. I just loaded in all the TGA’s in a program on a perception machine and bingo played full screen on the TV for recording beta and s-vhs tapes.

Dose anyone know the name of that program or programs that do the same thing? I really want to start sending out my new work.

Thanks so much in advance.



Can’t you play back in fullscreen using the QuickTime player? It works with QT pro, perhaps not with the standard version. QuickTime pro is well worth the 30 bucks.


Can you tell us more about your PC? Do you have a video output card? Firewire perhaps? Sounds like right now you’re trying to use the s-video out of your graphics card; where you get a copy of what you see on your monitor on your TV icons, mouse pointer, and all.

Also, do you have any video editing software, which you will be needing to do the outputting. Something like Adobe Premiere, Vegas, etc.


Thanks for the fast reply.

RormanKnockwell, I dont have QT pro yet but from the sounds of it I should look into it. I do have Premiere.

DePingus my Pc is a :

Pentuim 4 2.0 ghz, 1 GIG DDR ram.

Video card is a :

Albatron G-force 4 Ti4200 128meg DDR ram.

It does have:
AV cable
S cable
S to AV cable
DVI connector D sub-29 pin

I have tried using the tv as a second monitor using the s-video cable and playing a full screen QT but the quality was pretty bad.


download media player classic!

it’s an enhanced version of the standard player and supports fullscreen QT playback and lots of other options.

check it out here



You can load sequential TGAs into Premiere. Then render out to some .avi format. Though not sure if you’d do 30fps progressive or 29.97 interlaced cause you use TV out and all…

Anyway, once you have that done, open it up in wmplayer, mplayer2, etc and fullscreen play it + record to tape.


The way to get the best results cheaply would be to buy a firewire card (you can pick one up for around $20). Slide that puppy into your system and borrow someone’s miniDV Video Camera (if you dont already own one, they’re relatively inexpensive as well).

Now you would chain it like this:
[PC] =firewire= [DV Camera] =av= [VCR] =av= [TV] =light rays= [your eyes]

Then you use Premiere to play your animation while you preview it on your TV. Once you’re happy and it plays full speed (usually means you have to fully render in Premiere 1st) you hit record on your VCR and hit play in Premiere. Simple!

With this setup you can use Premiere to edit, add title work, sound, and 5 seconds of black to the front of your animation (if its not already there).

The DV compression that happens in the =firewire= stage of the chain is far superior to whatever tricks your video card is using to output to TV. But as always, for the absolute best results you would need a real video output card (like from Pinnacle or Matrox), but those are kinda expensive.


Thanks so much everyone. Off to go get some hardware=)


you can also render it out as a mpeg2 format [mpeg2 encoders are cheap and i think the new premiere has one built in] and play through your computer’s dvd player. if you have a nvidia based card w/ a video out, it should be damn crisp. i have a old Creative Labs DVD Encore kit that outputs mpeg2 at dvd quality.

also, once outputted, check on a lot of different tvs. outputting a good picture [brightness, contrast, etc…] is sometime a challenge.

good luck!


seems to me dvd burners are cheap enough where you could just burn it to dvd+rw first, then copy it by hooking a dvd player and vcr together.


Originally posted by JasonA
seems to me dvd burners are cheap enough where you could just burn it to dvd+rw first, then copy it by hooking a dvd player and vcr together.

This is a great idea…that way you’ll have a master on DVD which never goes bad. You’ll get perfect copies to tape everytime! :thumbsup:


Originally posted by JasonA
seems to me dvd burners are cheap enough where you could just burn it to dvd+rw first, then copy it by hooking a dvd player and vcr together.

yeah, or you could just send the people a DVD to watch!! even better quality then even the best VHS tape. :buttrock:


I have dvd burner io magic. Was playing around with it yesterday nite. Ii will play on my computers dvd but not on my TV dvd for some reason.



All I’ll say is this. If you sent ME a DVD you’d be lucky if I ever saw it.

Fade up. Internal monologue:

The stack of tapes is right here, I’ll just start with these, get to that DVD later…

(1 hour later)
and…oh…it’s lunch…

(2.5 hours later)
Ahhh back now. Time to look at more tapes.

(1 hour later)
and I guess I better get back to that shot…

(3 monthes later)
Oh yeah, this DVD thing. Too bad we’re not hiring anymore. It looks like it fits nicely in my shiny new ergonomic trashcan tho.

Just sayin’s all. Don’t make a reel reviewer do ANYTHING different, even if YOU think it’s better. Also, I don’t like wasting time hoping a home-made DVD works. None of that is worth losing a job over. A straight-from-the-source reel in the can is worth nothing compared to a VHS crappo version “that lives on top of some old episodes of Jeopardy” that actually gets watched.


I’m definitely not suggesting that they send out dvd’s, just using it as a way to get it to videotape easily and without too much hassle. It’ll also make a good master that won’t degrade as fast. I have noticed, though, some job postings say they’ll accept dvd so it appears to be finally coming into style. So if they specifically say they’ll take it, then great. If not, of course send video. Definitely important for the demo to be seen, not moved to the recycle bin!!

mind you, you have to do a bit of research about dvd players to be sure you get one that gets good reviews about playing your dvd format (ie DVD+RW), since not all of them do. Don’t wanna get stuck with a lemon dvd layer or one that only plays DVD-R when you have a DVD+RW drive


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