How to get Cmotion output data?


Not finding much at all around the net. Can’t find any Xpresso data output ports on the Cmotion node. Don’t see anything in the Python SDK either.

Is it possible to get, say, the readout of the Lift action’s spline graph over time? There is a changing value that is driving the Y position in the Hub object when using the Lift(P.Y.), for example–how do I get that data? The node gives me the graph’s spline points, but I want the animation data and values.



I’m not sure what you’re asking for.
There are the point (called knots in the SDK) vector values in the Spline Gui.
And then there’s the multiplier value named Lift (P.Y) value. Which the spline uses in combo with the knot values to move the actual object in the scene.

For example:
If the Spline Gui’s knot is at c4d.Vector(0.5, 1, 0) and the Lift (P.Y) value is set at 50.
When the green spline scrubber reaches that knot it will set the object in the scene to 50 in +Y. And so on for any other knots in the Spline Gui.

So are you asking how to get the spline’s knot values, or the Lift(P.Y) value, or the object’s actual Y position value in the scene?



That’s not quite what I’m after, Scott.
I initially thought that there would be an output port in the Cmotion node that outputs changing values when the timeline is played. Think of something like the output port on the noise node. As it looks now, I don’t think Cmotion outputs animation.


Oh. I see.
Yeah I guess you’ll need to get the object’s Y position value from the object itself.
And then divide it by the Lift(P.Y) value to convert it into Spline GUI values.



I just came across one of your posts on Plugin Cafe asking about accessing the object tree in the Cmotion object.

Looks like we’re both SOL in accessing some of the Cmotion data, unless someone knows of a solution.