How to get building facades for entire street?


Anyone know an efficient way I can get a stitched or complete photo of an entire street of buildings (their facades)?

Right now my only thought is to capture them on camera or google street view then stitch them together manually?

Ultimately goal would be to use as background for various exhibits.



There are stitching programs for panoramas such as Microsoft Image Composite Editor.

However, if you photograph the street yourself, you also have to consider the various technical issues. Lighting will have to be consistent as will camera placement. You’ll also have to contend with perspective distortion once you move above and below “eye level” view. Additionally, if you do shoot the images yourself, you have to consider getting permission to shoot, both from the owners/proprietors and possibly even an official. That is doubly true if you’re photographing a prominent locale that might be considered sensitive.

I would probably steer you away from using Google or Bing street view images. For one thing, they’re watermarked. Removal is totally possible, but would be tedious if you have lots of images. More over, the inclusion of said watermark suggests that those images are copyrighted material. Unless they’re going to be used for something like IBL on a personal project, I would avoid using that stuff for purely legal reasons.


Would something like this work maybe?

Thinking it might take too long to process an entire street. Really just trying to keep it under a day.

Wonder if recording the facades from a vehicle would work better to generate a single image. Never tried it before so not sure.


I agree with this. I have taken lots of photos I use commonly as backplates, I would start building your library if you intend on doing this more often. Its amazing how often pictures of roads, curbs, facades, skies, horizons etc come in very handy. As mentioned take them in all different lighting conditions and you will save yourself a lot of time in the long run.