How to get a metaball-like effect from MASH geometry?


I have a MASH network with a bunch of spheres moving around (and intersecting with each other).
Is there a way to like make them into metaballs or somehow make the clump of spheres look like one, solid mesh?
I essentially want it to look like in the picture, but I need to do it either directly with MASH or with the geometry MASH produces.


vray does have a metaball shader… just assign it to the objects…


Oh, really? I couldn’t find anything about that! What’s it called?


im not sure if its working with geo objects…|+VRayMetaball


Yeah, only particles unfortunately :confused:

That’s pretty much what this whole problem stems from.


you could pass the mash point to the nparticle and use the nparticle mesher.
But the easiest is the use emPolygonizer plugin it’s free now and you have lots of control


Holy shit, that’s perfect! How is that free?


wasn’t free before, most of his plugins are for softimage and now that the package is dead, that’s probably one of the reasons he decided to make them available for free.