How to get a clay render effect like this in 3ds Max (Mental Ray?)


I’ve been trying to do this for such a long time that I almost gave up on it. I want to render the cockpit of my airplane with ambient occlusion like in the picture. Whenever I try to render, the picture is either too grainy (not enough samples) or smooth and unnatural-looking when I set a higher sample number. I can see in this render that there is some kind of roughness to the surface…not grain, just a subtle unevenness. How can I get that result?


Looks like final gather splotches to me. I would light it with portal lights with a kelvin map to control the source of intensity/color (read this), placed in the windows and then use final gather to fill in everything. Make sure you use correct gamma workflow and good tone mapping (mr photographic exposure control) to tune it. If this setup produces too direct light with too distinct shadows, you could try to hide the ceiling/anything you don’t see and use a skylight only.


Test this method:

As long as it’s MR it works :wink:


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