how to find remote CG jobs online


hello, I was just wondering if anyone could give me some advice on how to find work. I am kind of new to the industry and having a hard time finding work .I have a degree in media arts and trying to look for project to project remote freelance work. I focus in 3d modeling, 2D concept art, and VFX… I live in a very rural area so it’s impossible to find in house studio jobs around. So i was trying to see if it is even possible to work from my home studio as a freelance CG artist, I have a good workstation with many softwares including (adobe creative cloud, autodesk maya, zbrush). Are there any good sites that list remote freelance work? are game studios in general work with artists remotely? thanks


also, donno whether these do 3D, take a look: (I think it’s now called Upwork).


check and network on LinkedIn. Most of my remote work has been word of mouth, so you’ve really got to network to get positioned for those opportunities.

I do see stuff quite a bit on Indeed though, especially for animators and generalist that can create content for curriculum development. They use a gambit of software too from 3d to AfterEffects to Adobe Character Animator.

Again, most things that are listed, are difficult to get. The best, highest paying gigs are going to come from figuring out how to hear those opportunities through all the noise that’s out there.

Network, network, expand your network, network some more.


You can also try the digital labourers federation. I get about 10-20 emails regarding jobs per week. Sometimes theres remote work offered which ill take on if i have a gap in my schedule