How to Extract Polygons to Separate Object - Still not possible in R21?


Hi - I’ve had a look online and found a few threads about this but they are very old.

Coming from Maya how do you extract a selection into a new object - is this still not possible?

You have Disconnect which weirdly doesn’t produce a new object and split which duplicates selection into a new object but doesn’t delete from the other?


S@!? - just seen post directly below sorry :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, this thing still bugs the crap out of me still, after all these years. It ought to be simple: select polys, hit delete and they go away. Hit copy, you copy them, and then paste as a duplicate object. Hit cut, they are deleted, then you can paste them as a separate object. Really it’s THAT simple (to my mind). But Maxon still hasn’t implemented it.

I used to use a script called Perfect Split, but it doen’t work properly in C4D R21. Rats.


Hm, I’m not so sure about it.
In R21 I create a cube, make it editable, select two polys, hit Ctrl-C, hit Delete, deselect the object and press Ctrl-V. To me it seems pretty close to the workflow you describe/ask for. No plugins involved.



Ah, I just installed the script in the thread below. Sorted! I can do the task you suggest with a single click.


That’s fine. And I didn’t say, the workflow couldn’t be improved any further. Glad for you, the script works. I was just pointing out, that the workflow you described works exactly like that in R21, because you wrote “Maxon still hasn’t implemented it”.


Ah, yes that works. If you just use cmd-X, cmd-V it pastes it back into the object, which is a bit counter-intuitive. But I stand corrected, it does indeed work (I did think they’d added the function for R21).


I really hate dicking around with plugins - especially as we are paying yearly … but ok


To be fair this isn’t Maya or Max for modelling and nearly half the price.


The Split command? Press U and then the P


Split only does half the job – it doesn’t remove the initial selection. But it’s useful for some things.



Thanks - without a plugin I just duplicate the model - make selection i want - invert selection and then delete :slight_smile:

I guess it’s because Cinema is streamlined and ignores the itty bitty details we have in Maya / Max and Blender for modelling …

Great software though loving it.