How to edit keyframes of a Motion Tracked Camera?


I have a camera I’ve tracked via the Motion Tracker and it’s a good solve, except there is a spot where there is a bump. When I look at the curves for the camera keyframes I see the single frame where there is a spike. If I delete the spike on that frame it smoothes out the move and everything is fine.

Problem is, every time I go back and look, the keyframe is BACK. Something about the way C4D has everything rigged up in the Motion Track object, it keeps putting the keyframe back after I delete.

Anyone have any clue how to remedy this?



The Motion Tracker “owns” the camera and everything else it reconstructs. You can make a copy of the reconstructed camera and edit the keys on that.


You could also apply the solve to a null. Put your camera inside the null and then you can adjust the camera independently to override as desired.

Alternatively you could bake the PSR of the camera and then tweak individual frames.


Gotcha. Yeah duplicating the camera outside of the Motion Tracker Object and editing it worked.

I didn’t take it out of their at first, because if memory serves, the very first implementation of the Motion Tracker actually put some data into the Motion Tracker object itself as a parent, so if you took the camera out you no longer had the correct solve anymore. But looks like it works a little better now.

Thanks guys!


I don’t recall the Motion Tracker to ever store the motion on the Motion Tracker object instead of the camera. Could be that you simply changed a track and therefore lost your solve. Or maybe you confused it with the Object Tracker object. That stores the motion of solved objects and therefore moves (locally static) feature nulls along with it.