How to easilly change ressolution of all textures used in project?


Hello, do you know how to easily change all texture resolution of whole project and do not need to go through all texture slots to change it from there?


Either replace the texture files with higher res files with the same name, or use the Project asset inspector to do the reassignment.


or do you mean the display resolution in the view port?


i am really sorry and i do apologize about my description of my question , yes i meant the viewport resolution.


Multiselect all materials, in the AM go to the Editor Tab and switch the resolution to what you want.


Thank you very much, i have never thought that this would work with multiple material selections, thank you!
It did that trick.


adding to that, “No Scaling” means “Full resolution”


What do you mean by that, is that “No Scaling” just the right term for that?


“No scaling” = Don’t scale, and use the native image resolution.