How to Dome light well, like Antropus, anyone know any tutorials?


Hi all,
looked at the machineflesh work of antropus (Krishnamurti M. Costa) and it blew me away, the lighting especialy is amazing coz i didn’t think it was possible to light that well with the maya default render. if anyone knows how to light like this or knows of any real good dome light tutorials that would be ace. looked on the net briefly and couldn’t find any :frowning:
Mental ray is great but it drives me nuts a lot of the time, if i can get lighting like antropus using just the maya render that would be awsome.

Cheers people,
Chris. :thumbsup: is Antropus’s machine flesh entry :eek: amazing stuff.

PS: anyone know where to get a decent sub serface sattering shader from, or how to make one for maya 6?


There’s a few Dome Light scripts available, have you checked GI Joe is one of them.


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