How to do this effect?(which in Ghost in the Shell)


i saw something like this in book, but i can not find now
thanks for help


Well, the simplest would be to add a SHELL modifier to your object first, to get some thickness to your object. Because at the moment, your sphere has none. This is normal with poly primitives. Then you can set (within the shell options) the edges to have a different ID number that the rest of the object, then assign a glow effect to that ID number. Easy peasy japaneasy.




You could do a seperate ink & paint render, then combine with your base render using a compositing package such as Digital Fusion or After Effects.


i try thethule vbmenu_register(“postmenu_1766899”, true); one, (as i don’t know after effects)

but no idea of what is wrong


Cool effect your working with, I wud also like to try that if I have enough time, but here’s what i hav in mind… you cud try to convert the mesh to an editablyPoly, then select the edges, extract those edges to become splines, then render those splines in full illumination with glow…
but you wont be able to animate it though…
I hope this helps!:thumbsup:


You could use the glow and glare shaders in Mental Ray. Here’s a VERY quick sample I put together to illustrate the point. No GI, no FG…so it rendered very quickly. Less than 8 seconds per frame…with motion blur enabled.


I just used a falloff map in the diffuse slot of a standard material. I put the glow shader in the white color slot of the falloff shader. Then set the colors that you like in the glow parameters. Set the falloff type to fresnel, I used about 2.0 for the IOR. Then just copy that to the self-illumination map slot of the material (instance copy). Put a separate fresnel falloff map into the opacity map of the material (leave white and black). Finally enable glare.

You don’t need to enable GI, or FG for it to work.

Hope that helps, if anyone is intersted in my file, let me know and I’ll add it to my website.



hi jeff,
would love to see the example file as always, looks good man.


I would also like to see the source files… great work!


I’ve added the file to my site here:



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