How to do a heat distortion effect? (combustion)


What I need is this distortion effect, when hot air is emitted from an engine. I have rendered a particle pass, which I wanted to use as a mask for the distort -> displacement filter, after that, blurring the whole thing a bit but I cannot achieve a satisfying result. What am I doing wrong? Which effects should I use? Are there any plugins, to achieve a better result?
thanks in advance, manuel


Alex Lindsay did a nice tutorial on this…


its asking for user name and password :frowning: wat to do?)


You need to register to view the tutorial , Its free registration.



Have you tried doing it with combustions own particles ? it’s pretty cool just create your particle layer ie smoke or something then use that layer in the displace operator of your actual footage

just another way of doing it other than pre-rendered particles.

Hope this helps


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