How to digi paint using mouse?


My tablet broke and I am not familiar painting with the mouse can you please help me some tips?? thank you! :thumbsup:


Painting with a mouse is a really bad idea. It’s not nearly as intuitive, and will be an exercise in frustration. It’s possible, but you can paint with a mop and a ketchup too–the question is, why?

I used to paint with a mouse when I first started with digital back in the late 90’s, and as soon as I got a tablet, I never looked back. A world of difference.

If you must do it, the best tip I can give you is to use the number keys to control the opacity of your brushstrokes, since you don’t have pressure sensitivity with a mouse. (I’m assuming you are using Photoshop). Other than that, you can also customize your brush with special characteristics like various jitter characteristics for scatter, opacity, size, shape, etc. The bracket keys are also very useful.

So basically, keep your non-drawing hand on the keyboard at all times, toggling between the opacity and the brush size.


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