How to delete rejected and unsolved tracker points in PFTrack?


In nuke, after solving camera, there was an option to delete rejected and unsolved tracker points. Those two options used to delete trackers appearing in red and yellow.

I don’t find any similar option in PFTrack. I assume there would be similar option in PFTrack, just I’m not able to pick the UI?


PFTrack has a threshold method used to reject trackers that fall outside certain error or acceleration parameters. In the Auto Track node, switch to the Errors or Acceleration tabs. You will see a graph charting the error or accleration values for each tracker. You may have to hit the Fit View button to see the entire timeline or the maximum values.

You can select outliers by clicking on them in the graph—they’ll be sticking way up above most of the plots. You can either delete them entirely or just remove the bad frames. PFTrack tends to let the last bad frame stay instead of culling it automatically. Or you can click the Trim button and drag the threshold to wherever you feel an acceptable level is.

In the Camera Solver node, you have a similar graph in the Errors panel.

You can even edit the trim level curve in case you have places in your clip where a higher error threshold is acceptable. For instance, you might relax the threshold in the middle of a whip pan because it’s going to be impossible to see a slip there, anyway.

In this image, the yellow dotted line is the Trim Curve, and I have edited it to allow more errors in the middle of the clip. The red lines in the graph are rejected trackers. Note that trackers can be rejected for only part of their duration. If you have a tracker that is rejected only in the middle of its duration, it’s worthwhile to check it visually to make sure it didn’t attach to a different pattern. I usually just delete one that does that without even looking at it unless I don’t have many good trackers to begin with.

You can also marquee select trackers in that graph, but only if the Trim button is off.