How to decrease the amount of creases with nCloth?


It’s my first time using nCloth and I’ve been having a hard time trying to sim a suit-type material. I feel like there’s a bit too many creases on the suit but I’m not sure how to decrease it… I kinda want there to be lesser creases around the sleeve area. Much advise needed. Thank you !



as far as I know, the number for creases depends on the subdivision of the mesh and the self collision radius. Reducing the mesh resolution or rasing the overall collision radius results in less creases.

You could also paint vertex attributes of the cloth, e.g. bend resistance. It will get stiffer in areas where the bend resistance is higher.

If you rig the suit before making it a cloth you can also paint the input mesh attract attribute to make the dynamic cloth follow your rigged mesh.

I hope that helps.