How to deal with excessive green spill?


Hi everyone,
On my current shot the person in the FG has got lots of greenspill, but when I despill it I’ll start to get posterization artifacts on her cheeks. I’ve attached a photo so you can see:

What can I do in these situations??


How do you despill?

Use an Eddetect or Edgeblur on the key and the reuslt of that for the despill of the matte’s edge. For the rest tone done the green saturation.
Posterization artefacts may be a result of picture compression though. What’s the image format of your source footage?


I’m using the huecorrect node, the source is a PNG image sequence. Thanks for the advice, I’ll try it out and post back :slight_smile:


the huecorrect tends to degraded the image quiet fast. look at vfxpedia for other despill methods, which are more gently to the image


@ scrimski, that edgeblur thing works remarkably well. Thanks for that tip :slight_smile:

@ pingking, the vfxpedia site seems to only have content for Fusion users?


sorry, meant


Thanks, I’ll have a look :slight_smile:


Combination of HueCorrect and colorLookup. Don’t just adjust them for the entire image, but on a channel base such as green alone and then shuffle it back into your image so it doesn’t burn out your reds and blues. It also helps to degrain your footage beforehand so you don’t get artifacting (but of course i’m sure you already degrained before any of the process).

I’m sure by now you got it figured out haha, but this is a solid workflow for anybody.


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