How to create this non-intersecting atom array effect?


Hi guys,

I’m trying to find a way to recreate this kind of molecular look in a mograph animation, specifically the way the cylinders and spheres connect nicely together without intersecting.

My setup is an invisible logo with spheres cloned onto the points and cylinders cloned onto the edges. It’s extremely ugly when I render it with a glass material because the parts aren’t properly connected. The cylinders cloned onto the edges shouldn’t be the full length of the edge - rather the length of the edge minus the radius of both connecting spheres.

I tried throwing the whole thing in a skinner but it just crashed due to the high number of clones, and looked very blobby when tested on small sections.

Is there a better way to do this, maybe with x-particles?



Though there are many ways to do a thing in 3D …
I’d model it to start with using an icosahedron sphere
and extruding the poles, etc.


May be this Great Summit plugin that can melt 3D objects together with a smooth transition might help you?


It seems to allow 3D objects to blend into each other smoothly.

Don’t know whether you can work that into your Mograph workflow though - I’ve never used the plugin myself.


metaballs and or xp skinner

Use splines for the sticks/bonds and spheres for the balls under a metaball or skinner.