How to create such shader?


I want to plug out such a simple shader:

i create a file texture node, thne plug it to one of the ramp’s color entrylist. My idea is to control the texture’s repeat and offset in its 2d texture node, and then do repeat in the ramp shader, so that i can repeat freely using the ramp shader, but also freely control the scale of the texture in it space~

how to do that?


have both the file texture and the ramp share the same place2dTexture node? im not quite sure what your asking … or maybe just pipe the repeat attributes into an indpendent place2d of the ramp…


Sketch what ur saying or just describe it more elaborately


i mean like this:


nope…not possible with a ramp texture and only a 2d placement node

reason: the first texture is in 0 to 1 UV space…the others are not(rectangular)

solution: give your polygonal model Unified UVs to every polygon…then map the first texture to it. You can then tweak the 2d placement nodes coverage value to edit the scale value. then map a texture to background color under “color balance” of the file texture.


Maybe you could also use a layered-texture node. Then you have the ability to use another texture as an alpha for your first texture, so that you mask out the outside to make the texture repeats look seperated.


Here it is…

Create 2 ramp nodes…1 with “Radial” gradient one with “Box”…both have no interpolation…

Both share “place 2d and 3d” nodes…

The clue part is connecting “selected position” attributes…you have to connect the edge
of the circle and square…

Than just combine all of them in a layered shader…and there you go…

So you scale your square only using 1 atribute of the square ramp…



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