How to create / convert Wood shader for Redshift?



Hello guys, does someone of you know how to create exactly the same shader / texture in Redshift Material Editor?
I have tried to convert materials but after i have done this it doesn’t have the same UV mapping as it has in Classic Cinema Renderer…

Please help :slight_smile:


Hard to achieve the exact shaders between renderers.
Why don’t you want baked textures?


I do not know if it would work for me? Do you know that baking texture will do it? Because if you know that that cinema 4D wood shader works diferently over UV properties, because when you rotate texture coordinates you will see how it intersect the volume of the object meanwhile it projecting it on the surface, if you know what i wantet to say :slight_smile:


I know this shader is on 3D space. I haven’t baked any texture like that before. I just threw an idea.

If you want to animate that wood changing it’s appearance then baking it is not going to work for you.


I have tried this technique and unfortunately it didn’t solve my problem…