How to create a side water animation


Hi I’m trying to achieve an animation of water from the side of a glass… any idea how to do it ? I have to make an objects falling in the glass, forming waves on the water water and emiiting some bubbles.

I tried with Psunami demo and Cyclonist demo but both can’t render what I want (camera elevation = 0)

Here is an example of the result I would like to achieve

Thanks a lot


Huumm… you’re asking a bit too much, nah ? :smiley:

If you want such things try REAL FLOW :wink:


Okay the animation will be more motion design than realistic. It’s a serie of fruits falling in a liquid.

for the first step of my animation I will just take a flat water surface and apply the wave effect on it - increasing the motion when the fruits collide with it)

what I realy want to know is how to emit particles from the layer falling through the surface reacting dynamicaly (moving up - maybe colliding around the layer - and resting under the surface)

any idea?


we buyed a version of realflow, but I find it to hard to have such result in one week. And the deadline for my animation is thursday :smiley: and it’s just the introduction for my animation. I just have 4 hours to spend to realize this effect. I’m strating on monday, so I make some tests at home…

merci pour ta réponse :thumbsup:


try to film it, Take a aquarium and drop some fruits. In after effect you can modify the video.


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