How to create a mesh with holes?


How would I create a mesh like this in C4D? Is there any way to do it relatively easily, ideally without booles?





Creating this fully procedurally would be possible but I think this actually looks quite straight forward SubD modelling. In your references you can see the underlying grid.

  1. Start with a Sweep or cylinder with a fairly even size for the polys.
  2. Start dissolving polygon sets of different sizes.
  3. Once those are done, Inner Extrude all polys with Preserve Groups off and delete the inner polys.
  4. Extrude or drop in a Cloth Surface and then in to a Subdiv Surface.
  5. Edit: There might be benefit to dropping a Smooth Deformer in or using the Brush in Smooth mode to help round out the holes (especially the ones with more edge divisions)

To get the more organic look, you could bash the source mesh around with the Sculpt Move brush or Magnet tool. You could still do that with the mesh with holes and that might be better as it is closer to the final look.



Got this voronoi - ish looking shape with the voronoi fracture. Cheers!


There is also this plug-in:


This looks ideal, is it possible for you to attach your project file for this? Thanks!


Sorry, i just cleaned my desktop. But see the object manager in the screenshot - it’s pretty straightforward.


Actually you don’t even need the volume and cloth objects.
Use this simple setup


And pay attention to these options


Even better :smiley: