How to create a Character with no Chest bone?



I am trying to create a Character from a MakeHuman rig in order to re-target another animation onto it and clean it up slightly.

The MakeHuman game rig however has no chest bone - there are three spine bones and they are all at the lower back. This means when the Control Rig for the Character is created, the Chest bone is taken to be the last spine bone, which causes significant problems when animating (see attached).

What do I do in this case? There is no bone in the rig that could be considered a chest bone. How do I tell Motionbuilder to stop looking for one, or to reconsider where it should be?



in motionbuilder there is no chest bone. it’s usually the top spine bone. i can’t check it right now, but i believe that’s the case.

i usually get the effect your seeing when i assign bones incorrectly… and it’s easy to do with the spines.

when your assigning spine bones make sure to do them in the correct order (working up) starting with the Pelvis, Spine 1, then inside the pull out link up the remaining Spine bones 2,3,4 in order. you don’t have to use all of them. they are there just in case.

i’ve never used MakeHuman. so if there is a compatibility issue i can’t say.

but from a glance it looks like an order assignment issue.


I agree with bilbob, you’ll have to manually reassign the bones. If it’s possible to share the file I can take a look at it.