How to covert the 3d model to .u3d and put in to PDF


Hai All,

Anyone know the way to convert or export 3d max files to .u3d files?

I want to put the .u3d files into pdf.

Urgent, Kindly guide us.

Thank you,



Dear All,

Expecting any one suggestion or ideas.

Kindly send and tutorials or links…




Export your model as obj (or something else that photoshop can read). Then load your model in photoshop and right-click on the 3d layer and choose export. There you can specifiy to export as u3d. Then you can import this file in Acrobat pro and save as a pdf… but you will need acrobat pro for this…

Greets Ben



Thanks for your ideas.

I tried my level best.But i can’t to import the .obj in photoshop,not only obj all other format also.can you give any new ideas or give full details to export.

You have any releated tutorial means kindly give us or send the link…



You need photoshop cs3 or later for 3d model importing. It will definitely import a .obj. As mentioned you need acrobat pro or acrobat X to import u3d files to use in a pdf. If you do not have access to cs3 or later there are other alternatives for viewing models. Do you specifically need to have a 3d pdf? If not you can download the .fbx plugin for quicktime, you can then export you scene or model as an fbx and open in quicktime and it will server a a 3d viewer. Thee are also numerous other obj viewers available on the net just look around. Wings 3d is a full modeling app that is free and very lite in size and should be able to open several types of 3d files.


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