How to: Closed Umbrella-cane


Hello, folks!
I’ve trying to create a similar closed umbrella-cane for 2 days using cloth modifier + some animations in 3ds max (but this modifier drives me crazy with its: warning! the cloth is over-stretched. ERROR")
then Marvelous Designer, but I cannot achieve the perfect twist with “loose” top (if i can say like this)

any suggestions?
It’s already become a matter of principle :smiley: I HAVE TO model it

I’m also thinking about creating one twisted fold and then duplicate it, but cannot draw the whole process in my mind.




[b]Download Umbrella Concept

[/b]Just a quick mockup. Scrub time-slider to frame 100. Any good? Close?

Oh hang on. Not even remotely close. I know what you mean.


Can you upload your animation max file?


dunno exactly what you’re after…but I did a basic rig here…have a look…

brolly rig


Like this.

I think this is another case for Polymodelling it manually rather than relying on a simulator.


YESSSS, SD3D! this is exactly what i wish for!!
in this case, may I ask you to share some of your tips on how model it using the manual modeling techniques? thank you, in advance


not thaaaaaaaaaaat hard TBH…don’t believe me ?


please, share your tips :slight_smile: