How to close windows that are stuck open inside XSI


Hi all. I’ve got a problem caused when I was trying out Hair Instancing… I wanted their orientation to be based on the object. So I put my tree object into a group, went to select the group, it opens a pick session with a scene list, I picked my group containing my tree, now I can’t unselect the scene list! It stays open, and no matter what I do (try to click off it, press enter, esc, right click, alt tab to another program and back), the list stays there and I can’t do anything else! It’s like my scene locked up, and I don’t want to terminate it, cause I haven’t saved since creating my tree. Argh! Can someone help get rid of that selection window!!!


I can still use keyboard shortcuts to open new windows (ala 5 browser, 8 explorer), but can’t do anything inside those windows or close them.


Well, I was still able to access the file menu via alt-f, and was able to save as and quit, so I didn’t lose anything… Still clueless as to the cause of this…


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