How to Close Softimage with out a Saving Question?


I have a little problem…

I need to Close Softimage by a command, When I’ve used (Quit) command a question of Save confirmation appeard every time…

So how can I force Softimage to close without this question ?

Maybe if I could reach PID of Softimage in Windows I can kill its process by a “Taskkill” batch command…

Any Suggestions??



do a newscene first and then quit

NewScene ,false


Sorry Sir…
But I’ve tried it before

it’ll not work…

because the quit command is just a command and Softimage will ask you to save or not

It’s not that SIMPLE…!

Thank you…


if you just run that code from the script editor, XSI will ask if you want to save the contents of the editor. So, just use that code in a script button (drag and drop to a toolbar). When you press that button everything will quit as you expected.


Indeed, the Quit command will not ask confirmation for a new scene.
if it does, perhaps you have an event that is dirtying the scene’s state on NewScene


I really have some newScene Events…!
when I do a new scene some actions is being taken…

so I have to stop them temporarly and close the Soft and re-enable them…

Thanks people for your help…


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