How to clean up an object, I have two faces sharing the same space and edges and vertices


I created an multisided object in Silo 2023 and on a few surfaces I was going to extrude and decided not to. But apparently I didn’t undo enough times to get rid of it and now I have two faces sharing the same space on some of the surfaces. I didn’t realize this until I subdivided the object and then they show their ugly head. But I couldn’t find a way to merge them down or do a clean up of any kind like I can in Shade 3D software. I’ll admit I’ve only had it for a few weeks and went through all the beginner tutorials and still can’t find a way to do this without deleting everything and recreating that face. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


You can use the Merge command from the Modify menu. Select Opt first and set a low value. 0.0001 is default I think and should work for you.

Select all vertices and use the Merge command.

With nothing selected, Merge activates the Merge Tool with which you can drag to merge specific vertices.


That worked. A follow up would be, is there a way that I could select two vertices in the same space and merge just those two and not affect the whole shape. (Same with two edges or spaces)
In Shade 3D I can choose for the selection tool to only select visible vertices/edges/sides or select all the way through the model. I can’t seem to find that kind of option with Silo, perhaps it’s not here.

And is there a window I can pull up that tells me how many vertices/edges/sides I have selected at that moment?
Thanks for the help.


Yes, select the vertices and use the same merge command. You can select through with the middle mouse button assuming you have the default mouse config.

You can also use the merge tool to manually drag one vertex to another to merge them (it’s the same command but changes context if nothing is selected).

In the editor and options menu there is a Scene Info panel which will give scene information :]


That answered my question perfectly and worked great. And now knowing about your suggestion of using the merge tool with nothing selected is an added bonus, thanks. And thanks again.