How to clean unused Time Editor clip ?


If using Trax Editor, I can easy press Optimize Scene>Animation Clips>Optimize Now
But if using Time Editor, Autodesk do not write yet :sad:


After severeal days reading basic of MEL, I done it :smiley:

//Remove unused Time Editor Clip in a Scene
//How to used: Open Scene. Click to timeEditor=>Sources in Outliner and run Script !!!
//get name of all ClipSource
string $allclip[]=`ls -sl`;
print ("File have "+`size $allclip`+" clip sources
print $allclip;
print ("
//get ID of clips in Time Editor
int $IDclipinComp[]=`timeEditor -allClips "container"`;
print ("ID of Clips in Composition windows
print ($IDclipinComp);
print ("
int $j=`size $IDclipinComp`-1;
print ("In Composition track have "+$j+" clip sources
int $i;
string $NameClipSourceinComp[];
for( $i = 0; $i <= $j; $i++ )
        $NameClipSourceinComp[$i]=`timeEditorClip -q -animSource $IDclipinComp[$i]`;
        //print $i;
        print ($NameClipSourceinComp[$i]+"
string $can_xoa[] = stringArrayRemove($NameClipSourceinComp,$allclip);
delete $can_xoa;
print ("I delele it
string $newallclip[]=`ls -sl`;
print ("File after clean have "+`size $newallclip`+" clip sources


Why was this functionality not built into Maya when this tool was first introduced?
When will it be officially introduced?
Or is something as basic as this also supposed to be suggested in the Autodesk Maya “ideas” section?
Why are so many tools either incomplete or malfunctioning from the very first day they are introduced?

Writing a script to address basic missing features in Maya has always been possible. Sometimes it is easy. Sometimes it’s messy.
But the problem has always been that for every basic missing Maya feature that Autodesk leaves out, time is wasted by however many or few Maya users still exist. One missing basic feature multiplies to 1000s of hours wasted by the user base.

Does anyone care to answer? Anyone at Autdesk? No.

Thanks Autodesk. Living up to your horrible reputation yet once more.