How to change the sphere pivot point ?


In a very frequent cases when i import objects to Messiah they do not set in the 0,0 position only the sphere edit tool and the object far away.
Can i modifidied this and also how can i avoid this?
Thanks in advance


Make sure that the objects position are on zero coords in you model application.

If you got several objects that fit together and you don´t want to chance there position inside your modeling app, but still want to another pivot position you can parent the object to a null with the keep position checkbox checked.


Thanks AAAron but i did not found the"cheked position…"

Where is that?

and excuse again


ps: excuse i found it in the parent block!!!
Thanks man!


In setup mode, under the items tab, when you choose parent items in the drop down menu.
Select the null and ctrl click on the item that you want to parent.

PS. don´t scale the object in setup mode since this will give you trouble. If you need to correct some scale issues do that first and then export it and re import it. DS.


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