How to change/reset the 3 orthographic viewports to my choice of orientations?


I keep on downloading free models from websites, for learning purposes. Oftentimes I disagree with an author’s concept of what is “Top”, “Front” and “Left”. Other times I mess things up. I have tried but can’t seem to find the proper incantation.

“Set Current View as Front” seemed to work but the previous status quo is promptly restored.




You don’t change the viewports, you rotate the model.

It’s a very common problem in 3d that software disagrees on what “up” is - whether it by the Y axis or the Z axis - and you will often see options when you import or export files, to change that depending on which software is involved.

However, there are other times when someone just started modelling in the left or right viewport but logically, not what you would consider the front.

The easy solution here is simply to rotate the model.

Select all (Ctrl A) and the rotate it to what makes sense to you.